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"good design is a language, not a style"
- Massimo Vignelli

Volvo Ocean Race Newport

  • Contracted as the design & print agency for the stopover.
  • Collaborated with the host port, Sail Newport Inc & Volvo Ocean Race Global on graphic design & print collateral.
  • Created all print material & digital media for the event. This included all Banners, Flyers, Brochures, Magazine & Newspaper ads along with digital banners and online marketing material.
  • Developed templates for use with local tourism agency's and Host Port office, ensuring brand consistency.
  • Managed the production & delivery of all print collateral.
  • Worked with local tourism agencies in Newport RI to provide event packets for local businesses.
  • Worked with local event sponsors in providing branded media during the event.
  • Managed the set up & breakdown of event material, the timeline of various material.
  • Worked with private corporate events throughout the stopover, providing graphic design to custom production.
  • Managed the installation and deployment of event related booths, events & graphics during the stopover.
  • Produced over 300+ banners, in various sizes from 2x6 to 10x60 with unique graphics.
  • Created custom signage and displays for the entrance of Race Village & through out the city of Newport.
The Volvo Ocean Race, formally the "Whitbread Round The World" & now in 2023 "The Ocean Race", is a round the globe race in which competitors race One Design Class yachts circumnavigating the globe 35000nm with only 9 stopovers. The event is considered one of the toughest & longest sporting events with a true test on skill, showcasing the best in One Design Racing & Technology. Newport, Rhode Island is the only North American stopover and during the week long event an average of 140,000 people would visit the Race Village and Newport, RI.

Tech Focused Office Space & Workbar

Innovate Newport Newport RI

  • Part of Project Development Board with focus on Branding.
  • Worked with Commerce RI, City of Newport RI and the State of Rhode Island in creating a clear, concise brand focus. Key in attracting both large permanent office rentals & the start-up work bar development.
  • Coined "Innovate Newport" name & provided logo development.
  • Managed initial marketing material and collateral on office rentals.
  • Collaborated with local chamber of commerce during transition of building & marketing into chambers management.
  • Worked with project architects on creating an environment in which private companies would want to relocate offices to.
  • Provided 3D modeling and virtual updates of the construction progress through drone imaging & 360 camera documentation.

Health Focused Fertility Supplements

Coast Sciences LLC

  • Development & Design new company branded media
  • Created new theme within the brand, providing conformity across all marketing material.
  • Developed a product catalog design which speaks to both the physician & couples, providing understandable yet detailed scientific information.
  • Design & Production of new product catalogs and marketing material for sales representatives.
  • Development of Script Pad.

Coast Sciences LLC is a global leader in producing fertility supplements for couples worldwide. Trusted by physicians across the globe, these supplements are scientifically created in a controlled facility with the best ingredients available. Produced in the United States these fertility drugs have been used by couple globally and continued to be used by the physicians with couples to come.

Authentic Motorcar Experiences

Newport Classic Car Company Newport RI  |

  • Brand ReDesign
  • Company Name Development - Originally was operating under Newport Classic Car Tours after gathering company information from owner, developed a new name "Newport Classic Car Co" which encases all the services provided.
  • Created New Logo
  • Created marketing material with new logo
  • Develop marketing material templates based off the current programs being used by NCCC, ensuring brand comformity continues and the employees can develop similarities.
  • New Website and online program.
  • Developed a user friendly system for NCCC to manage rides, accounts and sales through Square Appointment App and integrating with website.
  • Created a social media archive library of images.
  • Created new social media platforms in instagram, Pinterest & Youtube.
  • Developed a line of online marketing videos.

Artsy & Uber Trendy Dining

Caleb & Broad Newport, RI

  • Brand Design - Created a transition of the feel & environment of the establishment into all things print & branded content.
  • Menu Design -  Developed an artful library of creative content to use for season menu changes.
  • Website - Consulted in development of website integrating online ordering, gift card sales & reservations. Provided branded content and direction.
  • Wall Art - Developed creative unique wall art with a touch of street art to further enhance the owners vision of environment.
  • Caleb & Broad has one numerous Best of Newport Awards consistently each year since the opening.

Polished Customer Experience w/ Deep Choices

Point Wine & Spirits Newport, RI

  • Brand Design - Logo creation and print media template development
  • Website - Consulted in development of website inititally a static site, then transitioning to a shopify site with online ordering.

Corporate Meetings & Special Events

Redbull US

  • Designed custom media for specific events
  • Created graphics based off Redbull branding guidelines
  • Produced printed material - rackcards, banner tents & custom swag
  • Produced bar print media for specific accounts during events
  • Worked with represenatives on cost effective solutions for custom media


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